Our Story
Although our company was created in 2009, the path of Maple began in 2004.

With a vision to provide high quality electronics to consumers at incredibly discount prices, our director's primary focus at the early stage of his career was devoted to building a company which offered computer and electrical recycling solutions to schools and corporate environments across the United Kingdom.

In 2009, as the company progressed, computers and other electrical items were frequently delivered in full lorry loads to the company’s warehouse premises in South London where we occupied over 2000 square foot of floor to ceiling stacked full of computers. Due to the previous lack of staff, Charles often found himself working till the early hours of the morning in the freezing cold unheated building to fulfil his orders. The ambition to renew and refurbish the electronic items acquired from corporate environments was becoming a success, and to this day, one key focus of Maple is to continually assist schools and corporations with their electrical recycling.

How was Maple born?
Having developed a broad knowledge of the computer sales market through distributing recycled computers across the world, Maple have noticed a demand for "great value-high quality" computers.

After conducting endless research, Maple have been able to identify their main customers and recognise their requirements. Most importantly the computer must be fast, reliable, good value, internet ready and aesthetically pleasing, and it is no coincidence that this is exactly how Maple have carefully crafted their computers.

Approximately one million computers sell in the world per day, and this average is growing. With determination, a great build quality, incredibly low prices and a beautiful design, Maple are confident that through sheer effort and determination that we will achieve our goal of taking our share of this market.

Maple is continually experimenting with new and innovate ways to distribute both recycled and brand new computers.

Values and Vision
is of upmost importance to Maple. Each carefully crafted computer is tested and thoroughly inspected before being delivered to the customer.

Communication is imperative for success. Maple regularly update their customers with the progress of their order. If customers would like to contact Maple, there is a free phone support line as well as email support.
Maple continually conduct research to discover their customers’ needs, this involvement helps to build a better future for both Maple and their clients.

The company thrives off innovation. Without this Maple would not exist. Maple continually develop new and interesting ways to run their company and always strive to provide an improved level of service to their customers.

The vision of Maple is not just to sell computers; in fact the main aspiration of Maple is to become a respected and valued corporation in society. The company intends to achieve this through excellent customer service, showing enthusiasm and motivation towards their clients and continually implementing their good ethics when trading.