Device Drivers
Drivers are essential for using your computer or laptop. If drivers are not installed, the graphics, audio, internet and other essential parts of the computer will not function properly.
All computers sold on our website will come preloaded with the operating system and latest drivers installed.
I require device drivers after an operating system reinstall

Customers are given the facility to download drivers for their own Maple Computer from our download and support centre website.
You will need to know the model of your computer before proceeding to download you drivers.
Maple is working in partnership with a variety of other computer manufacturers and we are currently in the stages of developing a download website containing the drivers for all the computers and laptops for sale on
If you require device drivers for a non Maple branded product that you purchased on Maple UK, please visit the manufactures website.
If you are having trouble finding the driver for your product, please contact us on 08000 337 035 and we will try our best to help you.

Why didn’t my item include a CD
Not every product for sale on the Maple website will include a support CD.
Download and support for Maple's own brand of computers is available on our website.
To keep our prices low for our customers, refurbished computers do not usually come with a drivers CD.

All computers and laptops sold on our website will come with the device drivers already installed. 

Should you decide to reinstall the computer, drivers are usually readily available for download on the manufacturer’s website.

If you would like to reinstall your operating system but you do not have the software CD needed to do so, please call us on 08000 337 035 and we would be happy to help you. Please note that ordering operating system installation CD's is usually a chargeable service.