Refurbished Computer and Laptop Grading System
You will notice that all of Maple’s refurbished items are graded accordingly as a measure of their cosmetic condition.

We try our absolute best to please all of our customers and when it comes to grading our items, we try to be as critical and pessimistic as we can.

We have devised an easy to understand grading system ranging from grade A/1, which is excellent condition to grade E/5 which would be regarded as faulty.

Item is brand new and sealed in the box.

Grade A / 1
Excellent Condition and in perfect working order. The possibility of only the slightest marks due to slight wear and tear.

Grade B / 2
Good condition, is likely to have scratches or others marks.

- No broken or missing parts.
- Warranty, battery life is not guaranteed, laptop will still hold charge.
- May have had security markings removed.

Grade C / 3 - This is what we use in the warehouse and office.
Reasonably good condition, will have scratches and/or possible dents.

- Where applicable, screens may have faint scratches not affecting use.
- Pressure marks on screen - barely noticeable when unit is on.
- Minor scuffs or marks on the screen not affecting use.
- Warranty, battery life is not guaranteed, laptops will still hold charge.
- May have had security markings removed.
- May have a slightly faulty latch.

Grade D / 4
Item cosmetic condition is damaged but the item will still function. Will usually have a crack or noticeable dent.
(Please note, not all of the following faults will occur, will usually only be one or two)

- Parts may be missing.
- May have cracks on plastic, usually around hinges.
- May have major scuffs or scratches on screen.
- May have cosmetic damage to keyboard bezel.
- May have cosmetic damage to screen bezel.
- Warranty, battery life is NOT guaranteed.
- May have had security markings removed

Grade E / 5
Item is damaged and faulty, this will be a rare find on our website.

- Please check item description for further information.
- May have had security markings removed.

We usually elaborate in the description if there is any notable information about the item's condition.

Important Information
1. Wear and tear is “reasonable” use, for example faint markings on the item or slight wear on the keyboards keys.
2. Security Markings – Some of our items come from corporations where they are usually security marked. This is not a problem as they have been decommissioned from their item inventory. Some items may have had a security marking scratched off. This does not affect functionality, but can reduce the aesthetic appearance.
Scuffs – a mark up to the size of a thumb print.