Hardware Advice
Whether you are a home user, student, educational institution or a business customer we have the perfect computer setup for you and your organisation.

Maple computers are built to last. Each computer is built with care and passion. Maple uses only the highest quality and most reliable components, this combined with an outstanding build quality, Maple is the way forward.

Sleek Piano Black Case
Each computer is professionally assembled in a very aesthetically pleasing shiny piano black case. For the unique space age feel, each Maple tower can be fully customised with internal coloured led’s for an additional £14.99.

Shiny Piano Black Case with red internal LED.

Which Processor?
When selecting your PC, you will need to decide which processor you would like to be installed. Maple stocks the latest Intel and AMD processors.

Business customers, home users and educational institutions are given a large selection of computers each with Intel processors, whilst the gaming PC’s are usually built with AMD processor.

If you are not a gaming customer, but would still like to purchase a computer with a high specification AMD processor, all of Maples customers can purchase a computer from the gaming range.

Which Intel Processor do I require?
An easy to understand Intel processor comparison

Processor Type Suitable For
Intel Dual Core
Intel i3 Processor
Tasks such as browsing the Internet
Watching the news and videos on YouTube
Creating simple documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
Intel i5 Processor Moving between multiple programs
Playing Flash games
Sharing photos and videos online
Video chatting
Intel i7 Processor Playing immersive 3D games
Editing high definition videos whilst multitasking
Running increasingly demanding programs

Ram – Exactly how much ram do you really need?
More ram means more multitasking, this is why Maple provide a minimum of 4GB ram in each computer, this will be more than sufficient for nearly all users.

You would only ever benefit from more than 4GB of ram if you were an extreme gamer or graphic designer.

Maple’s high end gaming and design computers often come equipped with 8GB ram for absolutely extreme performance. It is very unlikely that customers would ever require more than 8GB of ram.

Optical Drive
Each Maple computer comes fully equipped with an internal 22x DVD writer as standard. Supported Formats: DVD-RAM, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD-RW DL, DVD-ROM, DVD-video, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM / XA, CD-ROM, CD-audio, video-CD, CD-I (FMV), photo CD, CD-extra, CD-TEXT
Maple’s high end computers can be customised to include a 12x Blu-Ray Player. This also works as a DVD-RW.

Graphics Card
All of Maple’s computers come with onboard graphics; this means the motherboard will have either a VGA or DVI output.

Maple understands that gaming and high end video editing customers will need access to the best graphics cards available on the market. On specially selected machines, customers are given the choice of upgrading the graphics card.

Maple stocks a selection of graphics cards on their website, which could be useful should you decide that upgrade at a later date.

Hard Drive Capacity – How much storage space do you need?
It is a great feeling to know that you have plenty of hard drive storage space available.

Due to ever increasing videos and image file sizes, Maple’s home, and gamer computers all include a minimum of a 500GB SATA II hard drive.

This is equivalent to approximately one-hundred-thousand songs, or six hundred movies.

Customers are given the choice to upgrade the hard drive of their computer to either 1 or 2TB, that’s a maximum of a very capacious 2000GB.

2TB can store approximately four-hundred-thousand songs or two-thousand-five-hundred movies.

Computers which are designed for business, corporate and educational environments are built with an 80GB drive as standard.

More often than not, our larger customers use a server to store their data, when this is the case, it is unnecessary to have a large capacity hard drive as it will not be used. We have done this to save our customers money.

Of course, if required, the hard drives are upgradeable in exactly the same way as the computers for home and gamers.

Essential Extras
 Mouse and Keyboard

 When ordering a Maple computer, a brand new mouse and keyboard can be purchased during the customisation stage.

All computers come fully internet ready, plug in the LAN internet cable and you’re ready to surf the net.

Do you need wireless internet? Customers can purchase a USB WIFI stick for any computer during the customisation process.

Maple stock a variety of monitors. Big. Small. High resolution. Pixels. LED. LCD. What monitor do you really need?

Here are some important things you need to consider when purchasing a new monitor.

 Screen Resolution:  With a higher resolution screen you will be able to view high quality imagery and videos. Typically monitors with a display area of 22” or larger will have a resolution of 1,920x 1,080, this is perfect for watching full high definition (HD) BLURAY movies.

Resolution explained. To understand resolution fully, you must learn the definition of a pixel.

A pixel is a miniature area of illumination on a display screen; each pixel will have one fixed colour.

The display resolution of a display is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

Simply, when the resolution increases, there will be more pixels on the screen.

With an increased number of pixels, the screen can display more in depth detail by showing different shades of colour.

LED is the latest technology, there are a number of advantages including:
Higher contrast ratio: LED screens give a better picture contrast
Power consumption: LED technology uses less power.
Size: LED panels tend to be thinner than that of LCD.
Image quality: High quality imagery is very important; screens need to be bright, vivid and distinguishable.

LED screens tend to be better quality, but this is not always the case. It does depend on the brand. 

 We find that the most commonly ordered monitor for a household is 22”, however larger businesses and educational institutions tend to order smaller screens due to the desk space.

24” and 25” screens are also becoming very popular as a result of the increase of graphical work being performed at ever higher quality.

It is also more comfortable to watch a movie on a larger computer screen.