Optional Extras - Refurbished Items
Many of the refurbished products for sale on our website will have optional extras which you can add on to the item you are purchasing.

These selected extras are likely to enhance the user experience when using that particular refurbished product.

Optional Extras

Compatibility: XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 7, MAC, LINUX
CPU speed of 200MHz or above.
Memory: 64MB or above, 128MB recommended.


Refurbished Mouse and Keyboard
This will include a previously used mouse and keyboard which has been cleaned.

We try to provide mice and keyboards of the same make and colour as the computer, although this isn't always possible.

Brand New Mouse and Keyboard
We will provide a USB optical mouse with scroll. Generally you will receive the mouse photographed on the left.

You will receive a brand new black or silver USB Keyboard, similar to the keyboard photographed on the left.
  Internal IDE DVD Rom Drive
We are able to provide an internal IDE DVD Rom drive for a number of our desktop computers.

*These prices have been subsidised and are based on purchasing with a computer or laptop from Maple UK. If purchased individually, prices may be slightly higher.