Refurbished Computer and Laptop Buying Guide What does “refurbished” mean?
A refurbished computer is a machine which has been previously used, most commonly in a corporate or educational environment.

The computer will have been cleaned internally and externally using professional machinery, the hardware will then be fully tested.

The operating system will be restored back to the factory settings.

For more information on the refurbishment process, please visit how comprehensive “How To” Guides here and read the article “How to refurbish a computer.”

Why buy Refurbished?
The value for money is simply unreal. Refurbished computers offer incredible value for money. Who would have thought that you could buy a computer for less than one hundred pounds?

You will find that many of the refurbished computers for sale on our website are often for sale at less than seventy (70) pounds.

Professionally refurbished computers and laptops will last. The refurbishment process massively extends the life of the computer or laptops.

Refurbished machines include a warranty too. All of the refurbished computers for sale on our website include a free three (3) month warranty as standard and can often be extended up to three years.

For more information on which warranty is suitable for you, please visit our warranty page.

Maple’s Refurbished Grading System
When purchasing a refurbished item from Maple, please ensure you fully understand our  product grading system. This is our measurement which clearly indicates the condition of the item.

Our grading system is located here.

Things you need to consider when buying a refurbished computer
You will have to ask yourself whether the computer meets the technical specifications you require. Our refurbished PC’s tend to be very suitable for home and office environments.

They are more than capable of internet browsing, emailing, creating documents and performing most office tasks.
Maple “Profurb” - Refurbished Computer - Brand New Case
If you are an admirer of our shiny piano black cases, then you will love this product.

Many second hand computers can look old and drab. We understand that many of our customers aspire to have the “out of box experience” which normally comes with a new computer, yet would still like the price of a refurbished machine.

Our answer to this is the Maple Profurb range.

Profurb computers offer exactly this, and much more.

Maple authorise certain refurbished components which are then assembled in our brand new piano black case.

Refurbished components are much cheaper than brand new, which means we can pass this saving on to the customer.

Profurb machines look modern and brand new, are packaged as new, and will include a staggering year hardware warranty, all for an extremely low price.