Do You Want to Sell Your Laptop or other electronic device without the hassle?

CashGadget - Sell Your Laptops and Electronic DevicesAt CashGadget, you can get an instant price for your electronic devices. CashGadget provide a seamless process to sell your old laptops, and devices, where you can receive up to £800.

If you would like to sell your laptop, electronic gadget or gizmo, we recommend selling to CashGadget.

CashGadget provides an instant price of what they are willing to offer for any of those electronic items hanging around that you no longer require. It truly is a great and hassle free way to sell your laptops, computers, tablets, phones, and much more whilst receiving a very pleasantly surprisingly high price.

When selling a laptop, we recommend you sell to a company that guarantees to fully wipe your data securely to prevent unauthorised access to your private sensitive data by any future users. Cash Gadget can provide a certificate of secure data destruction for any data carrying device they buy.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to sell your laptop or device to

1. Find Your Item.
Use the extremely fast and easy to use instant search to find your item by typing in the make and model, along with any other identifiers which could help identify your product. When you find your item, verify that the specifications and photos match. Select the condition of the item, and you will get an instant price of what Cash Gadget are willing to offer for your item.

2. The Selling Process.
When you accept the price and proceed to sell your item(s) to, you will enter your details in the checkout, selecting how you’d like to be paid, and once complete you will receive a free correct size box in the post usually the next day, with suitable protective packaging included. You will also receive a freepost label as well as full instructions, so there is no need for a printer, and this can be used to ship your item to CashGadget from your nearest Royal Mail post office.

Please see an example product here:

Example Selling Product to Cash Gadget

3. Await Your Funds

Payments are usually made within 24 hours of the item arriving with Cash Gadget. Your data on the device will be fully wiped, and you can also request your free certificate of data destruction if required.

In our opinion using CashGadget is the most secure way to sell your laptop or device. The process is fee free, and the very reasonable price advertised, as long as you select your correct item and condition, is the amount you receive. When selling your item privately on online market places, there can be a lot of fees, as well as hassle, and CashGadget have made the process very straightforward for you.