Which Operating System on my Maple Computer?
The following information should be helpful when deciding which operating system to include when purchasing a Maple branded computer. This is a computer built and assembled by Maple UK.
Which Operating System?
Maple customers are given a choice of operating system when customising their computer.
Choosing which operating system could well be the most important decision when customising your computer. Explained simply, the operating system is what powers all the programs you run and is essential for the use of a computer.
You are probably thinking, which operating system is suitable for me or my organisation?

Well, firstly, what operating systems are available?
When purchasing a Maple computer, the standard price of each machine will include an install of the Ubuntu operating system. During the customisation stage of the order, customers are given the option to have Windows 7 installed on their computer.

Ubuntu or Windows 7?
Ubuntu is free, which is a huge advantage when considering which operating system to choose, especially with the economy the way it is. Windows 7 will cost a minimum of £80 for a single basic installation.

Windows 7 isn’t cheap and more often than not, it is not essential for home users. If you are a home user and you are planning to use your computer for browsing the web, emailing, and creating documents, then Ubuntu is more than suitable for these processes.

Ubuntu is a very popular and widely used operating system across the world and new users are installing every day.

Windows is currently the most common computer operating system on the market. In business, most employees will be familiar with the Windows layout which could ultimately lead to less training time being required.

Ubuntu 11.10 is Fast
Ubuntu is very quick to load on all computers; it runs at its fastest on newer machines without any unnecessary programs or other software slowing the computer down. Ubuntu will not grow sluggish over time, it’s fast and it stays fast.

Why isn’t Windows 7 installed as standard on Maple Computers?
Maple continually strive to offer the absolute best value to their customers and consequently Maple do not believe that offering Windows 7 as standard is the most cost effective option for our customers.

Maple remind customers that their computers can be reinstalled with a different operating system at a later date if they wish to do so. For tech-savvy customers, Maple is developing instructions for installing a variety of operating systems on their computers; this will be accessible under the support section of the website.