Why Shop Online at Maple UK?
Affordable, High Quality, Reliable, Fast, Up to Date, Modern, Attractive, Secure, Efficient, Fast, Simple, Friendly.

Why should you purchase your next computer or laptop from Maple?

Our passion for providing a brilliant service to all customers is evident throughout every stage of your order.

When we first started building the Maple brand, we regularly discussed what are the most important factors to a customer when ordering online. Items need to be affordable, reliable, high quality, up to date and will need to employ excellent value for money.

Maple’s Own Computers are built to the highest level of quality; they are reliable, attractive and are built to last.

Our business is based on a high turnover, low profit model. Our customers will receive an extremely good deal when ordering a computer or laptop from Maple.

We are very reasonable on returns. We want all of our customers to be happy when ordering an item from us. Feel free to check out our refunds and returns page for further information.

Each item for sale on Maple’s website includes a comprehensive warranty. We ensure that replacements and repairs are dealt with swiftly and in a hassle free manor.

Years of experience in selling electronics online means that every aspect to ordering a computer from Maple has been very carefully thought out.

Maple’s own computers are assembled here in the UK and all refurbished PCs and laptops are processed in South London. We are keen promoters of manufacturing in Britain.

We have years of experience in managing orders for all sizes of customers ranging from households to large organisations.

Our devoted sales team are proud to offer excellent and informed computer buying advice.

We provide an outstanding level of after sales service, we are very easy to get in contact with via email, telephone or our online support help guides

In summary, Maple will deliver a great and reliable product at an incredibly low price.