Your peace of mind is our top priority

At Maple, we understand the importance of ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to the devices you rely on for your personal life or business operations. That’s why we offer three comprehensive warranty options to provide you with the necessary protection: Standard Peace of Mind FREECare Warranty (Free, 6 months), ExtendedCare Warranty (Additional cost, 1, 2, or 3 years), MonthlyCare Warranty (Up to 36 months, cancel anytime)

With our range of warranty options, you can choose the level of protection that suits your needs and budget, ensuring that your devices are safeguarded and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

FREECare Warranty


Six Months Coverage
Free Unlimited Hardware Repairs
UK Based Email Support
Online Case Tracking
Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm Support
Up to 2 Working Day Response Time

Maple’s FreeCare Warranty is a standard six-month return-to-base warranty included with all refurbished electronics. It covers natural hardware faults during the warranty period.

If you experience hardware issues within six months, you can return the device to Maple’s service centre. Their technicians will assess and repair the covered fault. If repair is not possible, Maple will replace the device with a similar model, based on availability.

Note that the warranty does not cover accidental damage, misuse, or unauthorized modifications. Damage from these sources may void the warranty.

For specific inquiries or clarification on the FreeCare Warranty, it’s best to contact Maple directly.

ExtendedCare Warranty

From £39.99

Up to 3 Years Coverage
Upgrade to 1, 2 or 3 Years.
Free Unlimited Hardware Repairs
UK Based Email Support
Online Case Tracking
Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm Support
Up to 2 Working Day Response Time

Maple’s ExtendedCare Warranty offers you the valuable opportunity to enhance your standard return-to-base warranty for a total of 1, 2, or 3 years. You can enjoy an extended coverage period, providing you with added benefits and protection for your purchased electronics.

The ExtendedCare Warranty can be conveniently purchased at the time of your initial transaction or within 30 days of placing your order. This flexibility ensures that you have ample time to consider and make an informed decision about extending your warranty.

By choosing the ExtendedCare Warranty, you can experience several advantages. First and foremost, it provides you with an extended period of protection, giving you peace of mind and safeguarding your investment. Whether you encounter hardware faults or other issues during the extended coverage period, you can rest assured that Maple will be there to assist you.

To ensure transparency, the price of the ExtendedCare Warranty is clearly detailed on the product. This way, you have full visibility of the cost associated with extending your warranty before making a purchase decision. It allows you to assess the value and benefits provided by the warranty extension and make an informed choice that best suits your needs.

For specific information regarding the terms and conditions of the ExtendedCare Warranty or any further inquiries, it is recommended to reach out to Maple directly. Their knowledgeable staff will be happy to provide you with detailed explanations and assist you in making the best decision to protect your electronics for an extended period. 

MonthlyCare Warranty

Coming Soon to Maple!

From £2.49 Per Month

Up to 3 Years Coverage
Speedy Repair or Replacement Service
Free Unlimited Hardware Repairs
UK Based Telephone Support
Online Case Tracking
Shipping Included
Same Day Response – 7 Days a week
Cancel Any Time

We are excited to introduce our MonthlyCare Warranty, a care plan designed to provide you with seamless, hassle-free support and comprehensive coverage for your valued products. With MonthlyCare, you’ll enjoy a range of advantages that enhance your ownership experience.

One of the key benefits of MonthlyCare is its flexibility. Instead of committing to a long-term warranty, you have the option to pay on a monthly basis. This gives you greater control over your budget and allows for better financial management.

With MonthlyCare, you can expect comprehensive coverage for your product. This includes protection against hardware faults and even accidental damage. Whether it’s a malfunctioning component or an unexpected mishap, our warranty has you covered.

We understand the importance of exceptional customer service, which is why MonthlyCare comes with dedicated support channels. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with any issues or inquiries you may have. We strive to make your experience as smooth as possible, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need promptly.

Flexibility extends beyond payment options with MonthlyCare. You have the freedom to cancel your plan at any time, providing you with ultimate flexibility and control over your coverage. We believe in putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your warranty.

Looking for long-term coverage? MonthlyCare has you covered for up to 36 months, giving you peace of mind for an extended period. Whether you’re protecting a recently purchased item or safeguarding a cherished possession, our warranty offers the longevity and reliability you seek.

Stay tuned for more details on our MonthlyCare Warranty, as we are working diligently to bring you this exceptional care plan. We can’t wait to provide you with the support and coverage you deserve for your valued products. 

Six Months Free Warranty as standard on all refurbished electronics, extendable to three (3) years with our extended warranty or our Monthly Care Plan.

We handpick only the very best electronics at Maple, and as a result, we are confident in the refurbished products we sell. You can trust Maple to offer the industry-leading warranty care plans for tried and tested refurbished Macs and other high-value electronic items. Our warranties are designed to provide you with peace of mind and protection from naturally occurring hardware faults in your next electronic gadget, such as a MacBook, iPad, or high-quality laptop.

Maple Offers Three Warranties
  • Free Six Months (RTB) Return To Base Warranty
  • Extended 1, 2, or 3 Year (RTB) Return to Base Warranty
  • Monthly Care Plan – Rolling Monthly Care Coverage and Support – Up to a reassuring 36 Months (3 Years)

At Maple, you can purchase Macs and other refurbished electronics at a fraction of the new cost, without the worry of hidden intermittent faults that could be expensive to repair. Buying privately may leave you with a hefty repair bill or, even worse, a useless faulty item without any value or protection, which can be highly inconvenient.

Hardware faults can occur with any item, which is why we have developed an extensive and tested warranty to protect our customers. It is our comprehensive warranty coverage that sets us apart, making Maple the obvious choice for your next Mac purchase.

Each refurbished item sold at Maple includes the standard six-month product warranty, which can be extended to one, two, or three years. Alternatively, you can opt for our all-encompassing monthly care coverage, providing a total of three years of coverage. While we specialize in refurbished electronics, we also offer some new items with a standard one-year warranty.

Although we cannot guarantee that refurbished items will stilll be covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty, there is occasionally a chance. However, this information is not listed on the website due to the time required to check with the manufacturer.

Six Months of Warranty Coverage* Extendable to 1, 2 or 3 Years Upfront,
Or our Premium Monthly Care Plan is available to a total of 36 months (3 Years). 

We include a free six-month standard RTB (return to base) warranty for each refurbished item sold at Maple. This warranty covers naturally occurring hardware faults within the warranty period. 

Your Warranty Expiry Date will normally be noted on your order invoice. The standard warranty coverage commences from the order date and the expiry date will be six calendar months from this date if not specifically mentioned on the invoice.

Whilst every refurbished item sold at Maple is thoroughly checked, it is understood in the industry that most faults or ‘teething problems’ often occur within the first few month of ownership, this is why we offer the standard warranty to cover our customers for the six months as standard.

We only sell products we know to be reliable, and the standard Maple six month product warranty is typically offered on all our refurbished electronics. You are usually able to extend this to one, two or three years provided the option is available on the product.

If a fault occurs towards the end of the warranty period, repairs or replacement devices are covered for a period of 45 days, or until the warranty expiry date, whichever provides longer coverage to you.

*In rare circumstances, the standard warranty duration can vary, and this will be noted on the specific product.


When purchasing a refurbished item at Maple, you have the option to extend your warranty coverage to one, two or three years.

Alternatively, you can opt for our Premium Business Monthly Care Plan which offers coverage for a maximum of 48 months which is by far one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. 

The standard six month return to base warranty is extendable upfront to a total of one, two or three years. You can either extend your warranty at the time of purchase, or contact us to extend the warranty within 30 days of delivery. The extended warranty will commence from the date of purchase, and will be the duration extended by, either 1, 2 or 3 years.

The Premium Business Care Plan can be added to your order at the time of purchase of your refurbished item, and the support plan can be cancelled at any time. This would unfortunately cancel any warranty coverage and would resume any standard coverage offered, which is typically the six month standard warranty, provided this has not already expired.

Standard Return to Base Warranty Extension vs Monthly Care Plan
  • Standard Warranty Extension– The warranty extension can either be bought as an upfront purchase for the total of 1, 2 or 3 years and the cost is determined by the value of the item, and the duration of coverage. These costs will be shown when making the purchase. *The standard warranty can be bought at the time of purchase of within 30 days of placing your order.
  • Monthly Care PlanOur premium care plan offers the highest level of care, and can be bought on any of our refurbished electronics at the time of placing your order and can be continued for a total of 36 months (3 Years) giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your item will last for this amount of time.

The Maple Warranty offers several benefits to customers who purchase electronic gadgets through their service. Here are the key advantages:

  1. Avoid costly repair bills: One of the most significant benefits of the Maple Warranty is that it helps you avoid expensive repair bills in the event of a fault. Unlike items bought privately, which often have no warranty, Maple provides coverage that can save you from potentially spending a significant amount of money on repairs.
  2. Swift resolution of faults: Maple aims to resolve faults swiftly, ensuring that you won’t be without your device for an extended period. By contacting Maple to discuss the fault, they will work efficiently to get the issue sorted and return your device to you as quickly as possible.
  3. Professional UK-based company: By choosing Maple, you are dealing with a professional company based in the UK that specializes in refurbished electronics. Their years of experience in this field ensure that they have the knowledge and expertise to handle repairs and replacements effectively.
  4. Clear and straightforward instructions: Maple provides clear and straightforward instructions on how to arrange a repair or replacement for your device. This makes the process easy to understand and follow, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.
  5. Full Ticketing System for repair monitoring: Maple offers a comprehensive ticketing system that allows you to monitor the status of your repair. This feature provides transparency and allows you to stay updated on the progress of your device’s repair, giving you peace of mind.

Overall, the Maple Warranty provides cost-effective solutions, efficient fault resolution, the expertise of a professional company, clear instructions, and a convenient ticketing system for monitoring the repair process.

Compare the different levels of service between our standard warranty, extended warranty and premium business monthly care plan.
Standard Warranty Extended Warranty Monthly Care Plan
Duration of Cover 6 Months 1, 2 or 3 Years Up to 36 Months (3 Years)
Shipping Costs Included No – Customer covers shipping costs No – Customer covers shipping costs Yes – We Cover these costs
Guaranteed Repair/ Replacement Turnaround Time No No Yes
Telephone Support No No Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed Response Times Up to 2 Working Days Up to 2 Working Days Same Day 7 Days a Week
Machine Data Backup Service Not included Not included Up to 100GB Free

You can either extend our standard warranty, to 1, 2 or 3 years, or you can purchase our premium business rolling monthly care support plan which can be cancelled at any time.

The price varies depending on the price bracket of the item you are purchasing, and is calculated on a per item specific basis.

The applicable and relevant warranty options, and their prices will be listed on the product itself, as well as in the checkout as an additional option when completing your purchase.

The warranties we offer at Maple cover naturally occurring hardware faults.

The warranty does not cover faults resulting from, and not limited to, misuse, accidental damage, liquid damage, modification or alteration to hardware or software, war, power surges, tampering, unsuitable physical or operating environment beyond product specifications, improper maintenance, or failure caused by a product for which Maple is not responsible for.

Exception and ExclusionCoverage
Accidental DamageNo
Liquid DamageNo
Modification or Alteration to hardware or softwareNo
Damage from warNo
Damage from power surgesNo
Damage resulting from usage in unsuitable physical or operating environment beyond product specifications or capabilityNo
BatteriesThe life of your battery can be extended by performing full and proper charging cycles.

Batteries are covered strictly for 30 days. We will ensure upon delivery of your device, there are no warnings or notifications on the device indicating that the battery needs replacement, and that your device holds suitable charge.

Some hardware is regarded as a consumable and can naturally degrade over time; this is not regarded as a hardware fault, and therefore this does not fall into the remit of a hardware warranty.

Batteries are accepted to be hardware component which will naturally reduce in performance over time. The Maple product warranty will not cover the replacement of any battery beyond the initial 30 day coverage.

If you are experiencing reduced battery life, and you’d like to replace the battery in the device ordered from Maple, we can arrange this for you at a discounted rate.


Issues relating to software are not covered by Maple. We do not offer support for software, please contact the original equipment manufacturer for support with software. Software is included and provided on a “AS IS” basis and is not covered under our warranty.

Refurbished items will be provided reinstalled and ready to use like a new product, unless otherwise stated. If the product’s listing suggest your item should have an operating system and it does not, please let us know within seven working days of delivery by contacting us on 0203 669 7507 and we will resolve this as quickly as possible.

High UsageWe do not regard high usage counts, such as battery charge cycle counts, or any other counters to be ground for replacement of hardware components.
Data and Recovery

We strongly advise all customers to backup their data. 

We do not cover loss incurred from the loss of any data due to faulty hardware. In the unfortunate eventuality a fault does arise, we may repair or replace your product with similar specifications.

Data recovery is part of a chargeable managed service outside the remit of our normal warranties. Whilst we may be able to offer some chargeable data recovery services where possible, we do not guarantee to be able to transfer, restore or recover lost data. In this circumstance, you will need to contact a data recovery specialist.

Product Recalls

We do not cover product recalls issued by original equipment manufacturers. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly regarding this. We also cannot provide updates on recalls relating to products sold by Maple, unless there are safety concerns we have been made aware of.

If your product is within our warranty period, we may be able to arrange for any repairs offered by the manufacturer on your behalf, however we may direct you to deal with the manufacturer directly.

If there has been an expired recall on a product, and your Maple warranty has expired, we will not be able to provide any coverage for this recall.

PasswordsDevices are sold without any passwords included. If you have added an unknown password to your device, we will be unable to provide recovery or coverage for any repairs which are prohibited by this.
iCloudWe ensure and check that devices are removed from any associated iCloud accounts. We cannot provide coverage if your device becomes locked through iCloud.
Fair wear and tearFair wear and tear, such as slightly keyboard keys, and general wear are not covered by the warranty as these are not regarded as product faults.
All refurbished electronics sold by Maple are supplied in fully working tested condition.

If you suspect that your item has developed a hardware fault, or if you are experiencing an issue which you believe is related to the hardware, you will need to open a warranty support ticket.

The quickest and easiest way to open a support ticket is on our website. Alternatively, if you have the Premium Business Support Care plan, you can call us to discuss on 03303 411 543, calls are charged at your standard local rate.

You will need to visit our create a support ticket page, here you can provide details as to the problem you are experiencing, and we will get back to you within the timeframe stipulated within your warranty support plan. It is useful if you can provide as many details as possible in order for us to best resolve the issue.

Provided the support issue is covered by your warranty, our technicians will endeavour to promptly resolve the issue for you. Many issues can be resolved by following some simple instructions which our technicians can provide to you. If we are unable to resolve the issue remotely, we will likely need to arrange for the item to come back to us to be inspected.

Our standard and extended warranty are both ‘return to base’ plans which mean you need to cover the shipping costs to and from Maple for the repair or replacement. If you are covered by the premium business care plan, we will arrange the shipment for you for free. 
You can either send in the product to us, and arrange collection of the repaired item/replacement yourself using a courier of your choice, or we can arrange the carriage for a fee. 

You can find details of these costs in the “who covers the shipping cost on warranty claims?” section on this page. We cover the shipping costs on any faults that occur within the first 30 days.

Maple can not be liable for any physical damage caused to the item whilst the item is in return transit. The customer will be responsible for packaging the item in sufficient packaging for transportation. You must retain the proof of postage and/or tracking number for the item being dispatched.

Once we have received your item, and if all the conditions set out in the Maple warranty policy are met, we will repair or replace the item at our discretion.

In the eventuality that your item needs to come back to us to be repaired/replaced, you can either arrange the courier yourself using a tracked service, or we can arrange this for you.

Standard and Extended Warranty Shipping Fees.

If you are covered by the standard or extended warranty we can arrange shipment at a fee of £17.99+VAT for the return to us part of the journey and £17.99+VAT for the return back to you part of the journey. This is a total of £35.98+VAT for shipments both ways.

Monthly Care Care Plan 

We cover the shipping costs if you are subscribed to the premium business care plan.

The Maple Warranty is non-transferable.

Due to the nature of our warranties, the warranty is assigned to the customer who originally placed the order and is non transferrable. 

The warranty is non transferable. The original order number should be present with the item and we can only discuss the order with the account holder.

The Maple warranty will commence on the original order date.

We calculate the expiry date from this period.

For example, if you placed an order on 01/Jan/2023 and this included a 6 month warranty, the warranty would expire on the 01/July/2023.

We cannot take the delivery timeframe into consideration due to the variance on delivery timeframes.

We do not differentiate between normal faults and those which are covered by recalls. If the symptoms of a naturally occurring hardware fault have appeared on your device within the Maple warranty period, this will normally be covered by the Maple warranty, 

If your product is within our warranty period, we may be able to arrange for any repairs offered by the manufacturers recall on your behalf, however we may direct you to deal with the manufacturer directly.

Occasionally, when arranging repairs or replacements for recalls, original manufacturers will only communicate with the original user who bought brand new and still has their original proof of purchase, Provided you are still within your Maple warranty period, we will arrange the repair or replacement for you provided the symptoms of the fault are within the remit of our coverage.

If there is a recall on your product, you will normally need to contact the manufacturer directly regarding this. We also cannot provide updates on recalls relating to products sold by Maple, unless there are safety concerns we have been made aware of.

If there has been an expired recall on a product, and your Maple warranty has expired, we will not be able to provide any coverage for this recall.

Our priority is to get you back up and running on your device as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption.

Usually we endeavour to repair item, however if we deem them to be non repairable, or if it will take too long to repair, we will issue a replacement.

Replacement devices will be of a similar or better specification. 

Whether we repair the existing item or issue a replacement is at our discretion.

We endeavour to arrange repairs/ replacements as quickly as possible.

We have two levels of service agreement, namely our standard warranty which can be extended to 1, 2 or 3 years, or the Premium Business Care Plan, both of which offer different guaranteed timeframes

 Standard and Extended WarrantyPremium Business Care Plan
Initial Response TimeUp to 2 Working DaysSame Day – 7 Days a week.
Repair/Replacement TurnaroundUp to 21 DaysUp to One Week

We understand that your electronic gadgets are often critical for you life, especially laptops which may be used for business. We do everything we can to offer the most speedy resolution.

The Maple warranties specifically focus on protecting customers from hardware faults that naturally occur. It’s important to note that the warranty does not extend to offering usage support or software coverage.

Under the warranty, only the hardware provided by Maple is covered. Any software included with the device is provided on an “AS IS” basis and is not covered under our warranty.

When purchasing refurbished items from Maple, they will come with the latest compatible operating system preinstalled, as advertised. The software will be ready for setup, ensuring a user experience similar to that of a new device.

In the event that the machine arrives without a preloaded operating system, and you believe there should have been one, please inform us within seven working days of delivery by contacting our customer support. We will promptly address the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible.

Please keep in mind that the warranty primarily focuses on hardware-related faults and does not encompass software-related matters or usage support.

Maple’s warranty is offered by Cebtec Ltd. The process is managed by Maple.

Repairs may either be performed by Maple, the original equipment manufacturer, or by authorised third party repair centres. This is solely at our discretion based on the eligibility of the specific item.

Maple has sold tends of thousands of electronics and we have built up a significant knowledge of the items we sell. We keep up to date with all the products we sell, including monitoring any recalls and the news on common faults which occur with particular models. 

  • We check models for common and known faults, and conduct thorough hardware tests on the items we sell, reducing the chance of future faults from intermittent issues.
  • We have arrangements with two of the best repair centres in the world which cover our more complex logic board repairs at an affordable trade rate.
  • We have in house technicians who refurbish Macs and other electronics regularly, and are very capable of common repairs.

It is our warranties that help to set us apart from the competition and that make Maple the obvious choice when buying your next Mac, laptop or other electronic gadget.

All customers are entitled to a full refund within 14 days from the original delivery date of your order. If for whatever reason you decide not to keep your item within these 14 days, we operate a free post returns service.

All refund requests must be made within 14 days after delivery through either our support ticketing system or you can contact us directly to arrange a return. We do recommend the ticketing system as this seamless process is designed to be quick and straightforward.

Your returned item will then need to arrive back with Maple within 30 days after this date to qualify for the refund.

Please do not send your item without prearranging the return with us. For further details please visit our returns policy page.

After the 14 days has elapsed, we will unfortunately no longer be able to offer the option of a refund, and our repair or replacement warranty will be available if there is an issue.

The warranty is registered to your order at the time of purchase and commences at this time. 

You need to keep your original order number and purchase invoice which should have been emailed to you at the time of purchase. This should also be available to view in the orders section of your Maple Account.

Due to the nature of our warranties, the warranty is assigned to the customer who originally placed the order and is non transferrable. We can only discuss the order with the original account holder who placed the order.

Maple is a retailer of refurbished electronics.

Our warranties cover naturally occurring hardware faults on the products we sell and supply.

We do not currently offer any insurance to cover anything outside the remit of our warranty as outlined.

In order to maintain a fair service for all of our customers who have extended their warranties, we do not offer warranty coverage outside of the warranty expiry date, unless the warranty case was opened within the warranty period, and the case has not automatically been closed within the 14 day inactivity period if we are waiting for a customers response.

We cannot offer free coverage or support for your device outside of the warranty period under any exception. Manufacturer product recalls, or details that the fault was present prior to the reporting date do not constitute grounds for exceptions. The warranties we offer provide benefits beyond the consumer rights law. 

The minimum legal period for a warranty on a refurbished product is 30 days, and all refurbished electronics sold at Maple include a free six month warranty which provides a warranty entitlement beyond the legal requirement. Customers are given the option to extend their warranty, and can take out our care plan at the time of purchase, which offers up to four years of coverage on the device. It is our goal to offer comprehensive warranty packages which makes buying refurbished Macs, and other high quality electronics the obvious choice.

We ensure that products are supplied tested and working prior to dispatch, using the latest tests available. As an ecommerce electronics deals specialist, Maple offer exceptional prices and deals on refurbished electronics, and our items are sold at a price similar to the private second hand market, which is significantly lower than the brand new price. We offer industry leading warranties in order to give the benefit of lower prices from refurbished, with the warranty durations offered on new items.

If your warranty has expired, we offer competitive paid for repairs are significantly discounted rates. To arrange an out of warranty repair, please open a case here in order for us to quote for you and select that your product is out of warranty in order for us to quote for the repair.

Cancelling our monthly care plan is easy and can be done online.

Please go to your subscriptions in your account and select to cancel the warranty subscription. This is an automated process and will ensure your subscription is cancelled and no further payment should be taken. Please do not cancel the subscription with your card issuer directly as this could result in incurred fees. If you’d prefer, please contact us to cancel and we can do this manually.

We need 7 days notice of cancellation to avoid being charged within the next billing cycle, therefore please ensure you cancel 7 day prior to your next due date to ensure this is not charged.

We cannot refund any coverage already paid for. 

Please note, cancellation of your premium business care plan means your item may no longer be covered against naturally occurring hardware faults.

The Maple standard, extended and monthly care plan warranties are offered by Cebtec Ltd. Repairs may be conducted by Maple, as well as authorised third party repair centres or original equipment manufacturers.

For specific enquiries about warranty coverage, most of the details are covered on this web page in the details above. Please ensure you have read this guide thoroughly before placing an order. For anything that is not covered, please contact us with your specific query.

Any faults with an item should be reported immediately by opening a support ticket on our website or by contacting us. Cases can only be opened within the warranty period on or before your warranty expiry date. Cases will automatically close within 14 days if we do not hear from the customer. Cases can then only be reopened within the warranty period to be eligible for a warranty repair. 

Customers must alert us of any faults through our ticketing system, by email or on the phone before returning a faulty item. If items are returned to us without prior agreement, delivery may be refused at our warehouse.

Recovery of a refund will not be greater than the original purchase price. We will not be liable for any loss of data, personal injury or damage to the environment as a result of any faults. Maple will not be held liable for consequential loss or inconvenience caused by faults on items supplied by us.

Warranty durations can vary slightly on some products and the duration will likely need to be selected when purchasing your item. The duration of cover will be clearly specified on the product listing if different to the standard cover offered. 

For Maple’s terms and conditions, please to our terms and conditions page.

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